How to sharpen serrated edges. Handheld Knife sharpeners for sharpening serrated edges.

Block’s Knife sharpeners are a new patent knife sharpener that will sharpen any serrated edge knife. Block Knife Sharpener is a New Patent American made handheld knife sharpener that is quick and simple to use. Have no fear of losing your knives original cutting edges. Or what’s already there. Block knife sharpener has a patented flex design in handle made to pick up on knifes original cutting edges. Takes very little to no steel off the blade, yet you will get razor sharp quite fast on well-made knives. See how to videos of different types of knives and cutting edges on our website or youTube us. We sharpen Pocket knives, Kitchen knife, Scissors, Swords, Hatchets, and lots of odd, shaped cutting edges that other sharpeners cannot sharpen.