Patent Number D778705

Block is our Family name, Our Knife sharpener history started off as a Part time small business by my Grandpa Paul Block Sir and my Dad Paul Block Jr. from Capac Michigan in the early 70’s. They had sold lots of knife sharpeners to local Butcher shops and vegetable processing planets.   

In the 80’d they started demonstrating their sharpeners in Gun and Knife shows, Car shows, Sport shows and loco Flea markets in Michigan. Original’s sharpeners sold in Michigan as the Easy Knife Sharpener. Aka. Butcher Block sharpeners.

Paul Jr. Block

Teaching his Grandson. Justin Stinson. How to pitch his sharpener. At the Imlay city Michigan Woods and waters sport show 2016

In 2004 couple years after my grandpa pasted away. I Paul-R- Block with my wife Billie Jo Walker took Gram-pa’s Block’s sharpeners to Florida to make exert money, while my wife visits her family. (We end up staying over 19 years.)

2013 we re-done our original sharpeners design buy adding a new look. We add a thumb grip with a new softer over shot. Aka. (Non -slip grip) This made our sharpener much safer to use and much easier to grip.

2014 we got our big brake, new patent got approved and We got invited to be special guest on the Cutlery knife show.I demonstrated our Knife sharpener and became the Hottest selling knife sharpener on Cutlery Corner TV knife show.You can learn more about Block’s Knife sharpener history.

Original maker of the Block sharpener

RIP. Capac Michigan 2002

In loving Memory of my Grandfather, Paul Block Sr.

Paul Block