Stay sharp with the new patent Block kitchen knife sharpener.

Pink knife sharpener

Stay sharp in the kitchen with Block new Hot pink kitchen knife sharpener.

Block’s Kitchen knife sharpener is a new Patent Handheld Knife sharpener made to reline and put original cutting edges back on your blade. Quick and simple to use. With our patent design you can only make blades sharper when drawing them through our honing rods. You can find knife sharpening tutorials on our website or watch us on YouTube.

Kitchen knife sharpener

We can sharpen any blade you encounter.

What can it sharpen?

Introducing our patented Block Sharpeners, designed to hone any cutting edge with unparalleled precision. Our knife sharpeners feature an innovative flex design within the handle, enabling the honing rods to adapt seamlessly to your blade’s edge. This ensures that your knives become sharper with each pass through the rods. Our versatile sharpeners are perfect for a wide array of tools, from kitchen knives and pocketknives to hunting knives, swords, daggers, hatchets, machetes, scissors, and even serrated edges. Discover the ease of sharpening with our instructional videos available on our website.

Types of cutting edges can you sharpen?

cutting edges

Cutting edges you can sharpen with a Block knife sharpener.

Our sharpeners’ unique flex design allows you to sharpen a variety of cutting edges. This includes all V-shaped edges from 17 to 28 degrees, conventional edges, serrated edges, scissor edges, and uniquely shaped edges such as those found on snake-shaped daggers and hawkbills.

Safety Features found only on our new models.

Knife knife sharpener

Stay sharp with the best.

The Block Knife Sharpener is distinguished by its innovative design, which includes a patented non-slip grip on both the bottom and top sides for improved stability. This grip provides excellent control when sharpening scissors or when pressing down on flat, slippery countertops or tabletops. It is also effective for sharpening long blades or oddly shaped blades that must be held by hand during sharpening. It is advisable to use it on tabletops or workbenches whenever possible.