Glow in the dark Knife sharpener for sale.

New glow in the dark knife sharpener, Made by Block sharpener.

These are our new Glow in the dark knife sharpener. This is a must have knife sharpener for every outdoorsman . Easy to find if dropped in the night or in dark places. Our glow in the dark knife sharpeners come in 4 non-slip grip colors Yellow, Blue, Red and Black.

  • Outdoorsmen knife sharpener
    Glow in the dark Knife Sharpener with Red Nonslip grip.
  • outdoorsman knife sharpener
    Glow in dark Knife sharpener with blue nonslip grip.
  • outdoorsman knife sharpener
    Glow in dark knife sharpener with Black nonslip grip.
  • Outdoorsman knife sharpener
    Glow in the Dark Knife Sharpener with Yellow nonslip Grip.


What can a Block knife sharpeners sharpen? Block sharpeners have a unique patent flex in the handles design that enables our honing rods to adjust to your knife edge. This takes the guess work out of sharpening knives. and you will find you can sharpen. Kitchen knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives, Hatchets, Swords, Daggers and odd shaped edges like Convex edges, Scissors and Serrated edges.

How long do they last? Our sharpeners are very hi Rockwell butcher steels that are very hard to ware out. The honing rods can be pull if ever need. Pull them straight out then turn them around and your good to go. We offer free replacement rods if ever need. You pay shipping.

Dose colors make a difference? Our Knife sharpeners come in many colors all work the same.

Where are they made? Our sharpeners are made in Weekie Watchee Florida.

How to use a Block knife sharpener?

Made in America knife sharpener.
Stay sharp with the best knife sharpener 2023

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