Block’s Knife sharpeners makes the Best Handheld knife sharpener for sale online. Sharpens kitchen knives, pocketknives and hunting knives. Our knife sharpener has a patent flex in the handle design that enables the honing rods to pick up on any cutting edge. Taking the original edges back to like new.

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Stay sharp with Block’s new handheld knife sharpener.

What can it sharpen?

We can sharpen any cutting edges. Our Knife sharpeners have a unique flex design made in the knife sharpener handle that allow the honing rods to adjust to knifes cutting edge. There for you can only make your knives get sharper when drawing your blades threw the Honing rods. We can sharpen your Kitchen knives, Pocketknives, Hunting knives, Swords, Daggers, Hatchets, Machetes, Scissor and any style serrated edges. See how we do it videos on our Websight.

What types of cutting edges can you sharpen?

You will find with our unique flex design; you can sharpen many different type’s of cutting edges. Like all V – blades form 17 Degrees through 24 Degrees, Convex edge, Serrated edges, Scissor edge and odd shaped edges like found on Snake shaped Daggers and hawk bill blades.                                                                                                             

Safety Features found only on our new models.

Our Knife sharpener handle has a patent, nonslip grip overshot on bottom and top side of the handle, The Black ring you see in this image is to give you great grip when using them on hard slippery surfaces. We also added a our non- slip grip over the thumb grip on the top side. This grip gives you great control and grip when sharpening knives in the Great outdoors, where there may not be a table to work.