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100% Made In America, Made to last

Glow in the dark Knife sharpener/Red Anti-slip Grip grip


Block knife sharpener

New Glow in the dark knife sharpeners for sale. More you order the better the deals. (Free shipping) 2 to 5 = 15.99 each, 6 to 12 = 13.39 each 12 to 50 = 12.00 each.



Block’s Knife Sharpeners are a new Patent sharpener with Trademark . Remember only the Block’s sharpeners say Block on Sharpeners handle. Stay sharp, for it is a Pirates world my friends. We are the Original Butcher Block knife sharpeners est. 1969.

Block sharpener guarantee

Block Knife sharpener offers a lifetime guarantee. Free replacement rods if ever need. See website on sharpeners handle.


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