If You're Not Sharp, You're Dull

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100% Made In America, Made to last

Black Knife Sharpener/Blue Anti slip grip.


Block knife sharpener

Pocket knife sharpener that hones blades to shaving sharp. Starting at 24.99 with (Free shipping)        More you order the better the deals.  2 to 5 = 15.99 each, 6 to 12 = 13.39 each 12 to 50 = 12.00 each.



Block Knife sharpener guarantee

Block’ Hand held Knife sharpeners offers a lifetime guarantee.

Black knife sharpener with Blue anti-slip grip. Block knife sharpener. Sharpens Kitchen knives and Pocket knives. Sharpens Kitchen knives,Pocket knives and odd shaped cutting edges found around your home.


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