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Block knife sharpener
Block sharpeners come in many colors. all work the same.
Knife sharpeners as seen on TV

Block knife sharpeners



100% Made In America knife sharpener, Made to last

Block knife sharpener

How to sharpen knives with your Block knife sharpener and honer. We can Sharpen Kitchen knives Pocket Knives, Hunting knives, Swords, Hatches, Mower blades,food processor blades,Scissors, snake shaped Daggers,electric Fillet knives and many other odd shaped cutting edges and blades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

How to sharpen knives with a Block knife sharpener.

How To Sharpen A Serrated Edge Knives.

Block Sharpener is truly the only sharpener that will sharpen any style serrated edge knife. (100% true) Stand sharpener up, hold sharpener buy its handle let one rod touch table and one off table. Put knife in the middle of sharpener.( Saw lightly). The sharpener will start to vibrate. Blade will drop deep into the rods. Hitting top to bottom front to back of teeth. Use 3 & 1 oil Put on sharpeners honing rods for best results. Cooking oil works too.

How To Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors, hold in hands. Put your thumb in the dip made in the sharpeners handle. Keeping thumb behind thumb guard, made in handle. This feature we added to new style sharpener to give you great grip and better control when using our sharpener. Use one sharpener rod. Run it down the blade following the bevel of your scissors cutting edge.                                              (Keep one sharpening rod flat on the scissor cutting edge) then square it up..

How To Sharpen Straight Edge Knives

We suggest Using sharpener on a Flat steady surface, like a table top. Press knife down on table. Make sharpeners rods flex open, pull one direction (Down) But not straight down. Come up with back of knife, keeping even pressure in the sharpener, using a roll out motion.          

Block Knife sharpeners are design to hone your knife blades. Not rip or tear steel off your blades. You can sharpen very expensive knives with no fear of losing the sharpness what’s already their or devalue your favorite knives.                                                                                                                     

You can literally do hundreds of knives, Use 3-n-1 oil on rods. oil will help you get sharper and Sharpening rods will last longer. You can pull out and turn the sharpening rods if ever need. But only the New model Sharpeners rod's can be pulled. New rods are free if you need new ones. You pay shipping. as of now 5 dollars call us.

Some, not all.(Best not to do.) use a leather and strap them or try very fine wet sand paper. Ceramics chip easy got to be good.

Yes, It will Sharpen any serrated edge knife you have. We have sharpen every kind we ever tried, (It works Great). It will not chew up teeth, or round them down. It sharpens both side and tooth top to bottom front to back side.                                                            We have done lots of different style serrated knives like the pointy teeth found on Smith & Wesson, the Scalloped teeth found on Kershaw knives, and even the squared tooth pattern found on the Buck pocket knife. 

Good name Brands knives sharpen Best. In the Kitchen, Chicago Cutlery, Ginsu knives, Porsche, Cut-co, Hen & Rooster, Dexter and all Walmart brands. Pocket knives, Case XX, Buck, Kershaw, Gerber, Snyder-co, SAG. Micro-tech. (Preparation Is the Key to Success) When sharpening Bring back of knife up, Razor sharp is found up high.(Roll it out) Blunt sharp straight down. Good to leather strap when done. Most name brand knives will get shaving sharp..

Yes, and much harder long as knife has some edge left. Block sharpeners can sharpen knives that other knife sharpeners cannot start to sharpen. Block sharpeners sharpening rods are made of a very high Rock well butcher steel.

Some not all. The sharpener needs some edge on the blade to pick up on. The sharpeners rods are made to flex so they flow the blades original cutting edges, If no edge, try doing a X from rod to rod, Then come straight down the middle. Use lot of presser and 3&1 oil on Sharpeners Rods.            

They both work pretty much the same .The new model is much safer to use, with our new patented anti-slip grip molded in it’s unique thumb grip. This gives you more control when sharpening scissors and sharpening odd shaped edges.

First Oil Rods with 3-1 oil. Then when you put knife in sharpener, do not pull straight down, you need to bring back of knife up, keeping even presser. (Roll it out) do not pull straight down or favor one rod more than other. Keep evenly between the rods. bring handle of knife up when drawing down threw the rods. Ride sharpeners rods higher for sharper result.                                           (Leather Strap when done)

YES and Trademarked. Don't be fooled buy over sea's knockoff. Only Block's sharpener say Block on handle. with Anti slip grip and thumb guard and guide. We take pride in our sharpeners and use only the best materials. and took the time to fine tune our brand..                          

See live Video's how to sharpen Kitchen knives, How to sharpen Pocket knives, How to sharpen Hunting knives, How to sharpen Scissors, How to sharpen Dull knives and odd shaped blades and cutting edges. 

Block knife sharpeners have a patent flex made in their knife sharpeners handle design that able's the sharpeners Honing rods to adjust to any knife or cutting edge.  So when you draw your knife blades threw our sharpening rods. You can only make a knife sharpen.  Here is some video's to show you how we sharpen knives.                                                                                       

Block knife sharpeners

knife sharpener for sale

Knife sharpeners for sale

Block knife sharpeners

Block knife sharpeners

Block knife sharpener

Block knife sharpeners

knife sharpener for sale

Knife sharpeners for sale

Knife sharpener for kitchen knives

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