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 Block is our last name, Our Knife sharpener history started off as a Part time family business by my Grandpa Paul Block Sr and my Dad Paul Block Jr.           They Live in Capac Michigan. This is where they started their business together in the early 70’s. They were the Original designers and Manufacturers .                                                                                                            They had sold lots of their knife sharpeners to  Butcher shops  and vegetable processing shop's, Gun and Knife shows, Car shows, Sport shows and Flea markets all over Michigan.                                                                                          Their original’s sharpeners sold on TV in Detroit area as the Easy knife Sharpener. Aka the Butcher Block sharpener and Slaughterhouse sharpener.

Block sharpener Patent

Paul Jr Block Teaching his Grandson. Justen Stimson. How to be a Pirate pitchmen like him. Imlay city Michigan state fair 2016Block sharpener

Block knife sharpener at the Imlay city fair.
Paul Block JR teaching grandson the Family bussiness

In 2004 Gram-pa Block pasted away. Me Paul Block his grandson and my wife Billie Jo Walker took Gram-pa's Block sharpeners to Florida one winter to make exert money on our vacation. (We stayed 18 years.)                                    2013 we re patent his sharpener buy adding a new look. We add a thumb grip with a softer over shot. Aka. (Anti-slip grip)                                                        In 2014 we got invited to be a special guest on the Cutlery knife show. Where we demonstrated our sharpeners and became the Pirates that stole the show. We became the Hottest selling knife sharpener on Cutlery Corner TV knife show every Friday night.                                                                                      You can learn more about Block's Knife sharpener history and our Patent Knife sharpeners on our original Block sharpener website.                                                    ( 

The Blocks sharpener
block sharpener
R.I.P. Grandpa Paul Block. Capac Michigan

In loving Memory of my Grandfather,
Paul Block Sr. 

RIP. Capac Michigan     inter venter of Block knife sharpener2002

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  1. pwsadmin on June 24, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    I ordered a Block Knife Sharpener about 3 days ago and I have not been more impressed or satisified with a purchase in a long time. I have owned and used many high profile sharpening systems such as Lansky, KME, Wicked Edge, Ken Onion (electrical), Spyderco guided rails, a ton of pull throughs such as the Blade Medic by Lansky and of course Traditional whetstones and strops. This is AMAZING at creating WICKED burrs that in turn make SCARY SHARP APEXES which results in… SCARY SHARP BLADES! The fact it conforms to the angle of your blade is just icing on the cake… Way to go Paul Block. It tears me up when you sharpen someones knife and they just walk on, those heartless heathens… Or when you ask for someone, ANYONE to hand them a knife to sharpen and no one answers. If I were there I would volunteer my EDC blade. I carry some of the finest blades you can buy, at least within my budget. I have used your sharpener to put a combat worthy edge on my Benchmade Infidel 3300BK (EDC), Microtech Combat Troodon and my combat blade when I know something is going down or i’m expecting tangos’ Gerber Mark II. I trusted all three of them with this puppy. Keep up the good work sir! -Mike from Texas

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