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About The Block knife Sharpener

Best hand held knife sharpener

Patent Number D778705

 Block Sharpener business started off as a Part time very small family business. By my Grandpa Paul Block Sr. and my Dad Paul Block Jr. They Live in Capac, Michigan. Where they started their business in the early 70’s. They were the Original designers and Manufacturers of this style knife sharpener. Dad and Grandpa had sold lots of their knife sharpeners to local Butcher shops.  And lots In local Gun and Knife shows, car shows, sport shows, and flea markets all over Michigan. Their original’s sharpeners sold on TV in Detroit area as the Easy knife Sharpener. 

The Blocks sharpener

Paul Jr Block Teaching his Grandson. Justin Stimson. How to be a pitch man like him. Imlay city fair 2016Block sharpener

Block knife sharpener at the Imlay city fair.
Paul Block JR teaching grandson the Family bussiness

My wife and I had been to over 18 different states, and over 130 different cities where sport shows are held. Now our Sharpeners are recognized worldwide, thanks to Cutlery Corner knife show and Youtube.                                                Over the years of travailing and selling our sharpeners.We had realized that are family does make the best sharpener by far.                                               There was one common not so good remark we heard a lot. Some people not all, did not like the thin flat slippery handle.  Hard to hold down sometimes.                                                                                                                        My wife Billie Jo and I had some Ideas. How we could make the best knife sharpener, even work and look better. So I worked with our unique patented flex made in the knife sharpener handle. I sharpened Hundreds of more knives and odd shaped blades. Using different angles and pressure points, Which allows the pins to flex much smoother, I changed the sharpening rods from a course to a much finer honing rod. Upgraded steel to get a higher Rockwell rod..                                                                                                                          Our new changes made our new models work much better than the Original Block sharpener, I made it a lot easier to get your knife razor sharp.                        My wife, Billie Jo Block Thought we should add a new incredible safety features, a soft rubber over lay rubber on the handle, which makes it stick to any surface much better, making our new re-patented sharpener safer to use on the slippery tables, kitchen countertop or off a tailgate.                                      My new Idea is the unique Thumb guide, This give you great grip and supper control when sharpening outdoor tools or when you may not have flat sturdy surface to work off of.

The Blocks sharpener
block sharpener
R.I.P. Grandpa Paul Block. Capac Michigan

In loving Memory of my Grandfather,
Paul Block Sr. & Wife Anna.

RIP. Capac Michigan     inter venter of Block knife sharpener2002

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